What you need to know about web sites or blogs

Web sites are form of advertisement, projecting your vision, services and products designed to appeal for online surfers and prospects.

Your web site should have your company’s branding, using logo, color scheme and a personality in sync with your company and products.

A simple, clean web design filled with valuable information to prospects and customers will promote your business 24/7 and allow you to concentrate on the parts of the business that bring value to you, the business owner.

Think of your web site as an extensive interactive brochure which allows customers to visit your virtual company. Along with the contact information, product pictures, a presentation of your services, company background, you offer them an insight of your company and benefit from feedback and leads. You can choose to create a web presence with a hosted web site, or you can create a blog site. Both work and look the same, but if you are planning on writing fresh content frequently, you should consider a blog site for a more easier maintenance.

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