5 things to avoid with your internet presence


When you are a small business owner and starting  your journey into your fabulous entrepreneurship, you certainly want to be online, present your company in a professional manner and create a great relationship with our prospects and customers.

Regardless if creating your own web site, or outsource it to a professional, make sure you understand or instruct the designer to check for errors and create for multiple browsers settings before going live.

Here are 5 error messages annoying to a visitor, BUT harmful to your small business and should be avoided, especially when starting your business.

1)    Web designed for a specific version of the internet.
“Sorry, seams that you have not updated your internet browser. In order to view this site, go here (link) and upgrade”

2)    Web site that is not available to browse (in construction)
“sorry, we are not online yet, site still in construction. Please come back later” (??)

3)    Web site with IMPORTANT NOTICE
“dear visitor, due to high demands we no longer offer our services online. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please send an e-mail” (??)

4)    Web site link broken
“oops, the site you are looking for is not available.”

5)    Web site access denied
“to access this site enter your ID and password”  

These messages will make the visitor go back to the search engine, and click on the next site that works.

You as the small business owner, spent money, time and effort to create and attractive site, yet wonder why no one is contacting you about your product and service.


If you are interested in learning more about web sites/ blog design or to know more about how the internet works, please contact me.