Channel your energy to create a successful flow (article 1)

We are all battling against time. Seems like never enough to finish all the tasks, plans or that special quiet time that you would reserve to reenergize and get back your creative flow. 

We run the business, keep books, promoting and marketing our business, communicate with clients and deliver in time leaves us drained and tired.

In the next few blog articles, I will share some easy ways to channel your energy, how to relax and to allow yourself to have more fun without hurting your business or personal time.


1) Set a daily system:

Set a business schedule and stick to it!

During the set business hours do not perform any personal chores, or get distracted by friends, relatives or other issues.
Consider it as if you are employed and you are at work.

Set up your small business with a system that allows you to automate tasks that occur on a daily basis.  (auto-responders, blog syndication, batch invoicing, synchronizing..)
Check at certain times of the day to make sure everything is handled.

Set time during your business day when you perform certain tasks that are vital to be handled personally. (answer e-mails, place orders with vendors, distribute product/ service..)

Plan your trips to bank, office supply store, post office, shipping carrier,shopping for other necessities around the same time when you pick up or drop of the kids at school or schedule along with other trips you need to make (meetings, interview, conference..)

Plan tasks that are more time consuming and need your full attention for specific time of day (and keep always same time regardless) These should be planned when your concentration is the strongest. (balance books, run reports, budgets..)

Block time for lunch (regularly) This is a great opportunity to change scenery and enjoy a healthy conversation with friends or meet with your clients.

Finish your business day with reading e-mails (personal, news, feeds, or network, training or classes to better yourself)

Now you are ready to go “home” and enjoy family time.


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy


At the beginning it will be hard to keep it all straight, but do it for at least 2 weeks, and it it will become “second” nature.


If these tips were helpful come back next week for more.