Creative home office (article 2)

 We work hard in our small business and sometimes need some relaxing time.watter1

Daily routines and deadlines leave us drained of our energy.

Tips today to create a relaxing environment in your office that  invigorates and brings out your creative side.



  1. Keep your desk organized and clutter free.
    An organized and efficient office allows you to work relaxed and frustration free.
  2. Create a pin up board with all your accomplishments.
    Remind yourself how far you came and how successful you are.
  3. Surround your area with plants.
    See the beauty and enjoy.
  4. Play relaxing music or sounds that trigger your creative side.
    Listen to the emotions that gets unleashed and allow your creativity to flow.
  5. Open a window and let nature in.
    Enjoy the sun and wind by inviting them into your office.


Be creative and have fun with your small business.

“Trust your imagination. There is always something in the box.”
                                                            ― Patricia Ryan Madson