Enhance your life and business balance with color (article 3)

7-chakras-beginnersMy blog articles under topic “transformation” relate to the balance in business and personal life. I would like to introduce you today to the power of colors.

Colors have influence on our state of mind, mood and even on our health.

Years back, I decorated my office at the small manufacturing company my husband and I owned.

I  painted the walls a very light violet. Being such an unconventional color for an office, everyone talked about it, and of course whom ever visited, had to stop by my “purple office”.

I was not aware then, about colors and the power they have on us.

The only reason I have used this color was because it made me feel powerful and ready to tackle any project coming my way. This color made me feel calm, relaxed, and good about myself.

Found out later on,  the reason I was so open to all the new things and enjoyed my journey in my entrepreneurship, was because the color “Violet” is related to aspiration.

Now that you know my color, which one is yours?


Use the colors that “speak” to you. Decorate your office based on the way they make you feel. (I do not mean you have to paint the walls, use the color on your desktop as a screen saver, a painting, a flower…)
See how they change your mood and contribute to your inner balance.

Here are the 7 colors of the Chakras and how they relate to you.

  1. Red: The right to exist. Ability to stand up for oneself and security issues.
  2. Orange: The right to feel. Connected to our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings. Ability to be social.
  3. Yellow: The right to think. Balance of intellect, self-confidence and ego power.
  4. Green: The right to love. Love, forgiveness, compassion. Ability to have self-control. Acceptance of oneself.
  5. Blue: The right to speak. Learning to express oneself and one’s beliefs (truthful expression). Ability to trust. Loyalty. Organization and planning.
  6. Indigo: The right to “see.” Trusting one’s intuition and insights. Developing one’s psychic abilities. Self-realization. Releasing hidden and repressed negative thoughts.
  7. Violet: The right to aspire. Dedication to the divine consciousness and trusting the universe. Learning about one’s spirituality.
    (Description of the color and their meaning is from http://chakraenergy.com/)


On the image above, see which color relates to which part of your body.

Hope to find your color(s) and start transforming your mood while working in your small office.

Good luck,

Check out more about Chakras here if interested.