Q&A Saturdays August 17th

Good morning and thank you for your great question.

Today’s topic was regarding type of Internet presence should have.

The answer to this:
There is no one type that you should choose.
You can decide which will work for the type of business you are in, but make sure that you have at least a WEB SITE regardless what social media you will pursue.

  • Web site
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • Network

These are all tools that will help you get your business online and be found by prospects and customers.
You should try variations of which social media works for you, depending on your niche, and your available budget.
Since most of social media places are free of charge, you can test before deciding what works.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, and many more are available and require only an account creation. While some are limited on what you can do, others can be monthly charged and have options of marketing, creating and distributing adds/ offers and monetizing the process.

Good luck with your presence, all the best until next week.

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone

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