How easy and fun is to create a web site




My good friend has asked me to help her with ideas on how to boost visitors to her second hand clothing store.
She does not have a web presence (mainly she posts on Facebook) and does not help with interested visitors to the virtual store.

Since her business is in Romania, it is really hard to afford a web presence by hiring someone there to help with this project.

Talking about her issues and hard to find help at affordable prices, while talking I started a Word Press free blog site.

I asked her about the store, how she designed it, what is she selling and how she does her advertisement,  a picture emerged of the site.

By the time we finished our conversation, I have directed her to check out this internet site:

She could not believe her eyes or that she actually has a presence that helps her put her store world wide.
A site that will allow her to bring traffic and to get inquiries, so she can get customers to walk into her beautiful little shop.

Of course, lots of work has to be done, and the domain name has to be secured, so she can start selling online as well. But for 1 hour of work gathering her pictures and make some little notes on the pages, it is a start.

I wish her best of luck in getting her store more popular and add financial health to her business.

Please visit and leave your opinions. If you are located in Timisoara, go visit her little boutique and chat with her. She has a friendly personality and a great business owner.

If you need help or guidance and do not have a big budget to start your online presence, contact me : here by filling out the form on the page.

Have fun creating a web site/ blog.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge…” -Albert Einstein

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