Overview of Zorin OS 9


I have written a blog previously regarding my new operating system called Xubuntu by Ubuntu. I have been playing with the system for the past week, and I can say that it is light, easy to use and fast compared to a Windows 10 system.
I was looking for more “flavors” and decided to try the Zorin OS, but I cannot say that I am impressed.



I tried to install this OS due to the easy use and look and feel that can be set as WIN XP; WIN 7; MAC and Linux look, also this system suppose to be able to open Windows programs without a problem.

First, keeps crashing, then cannot choose any other than 2 options Win 2000 and MAC navigation look, which I am not really fond on.

The specs state that the system comes installed out of the box with flash player and choices of Internet programs, and a nice video editor.

Flash player does not install, and will not run on any internet browsers. Video editor not able to open, and the software center each time is opened, closes automatically without allowing me to choose or search for a program to install.

Once finally I got to browse through it and got it to work a little, the upgrade manager came up, and when prompted to upgrade, most of the upgrades came with an error message and at finish, when to restart, I got a black screen……


This is it for now. I will try to install another version, perhaps this is the issue with the system….. but we will see.


Until next time.