I LOVE to help small business, solo business owners and entrepreneurs coach them to a successful strategic business launch.

Hi my name is Ramona owner and founder of pLaces4us. www.places4us.com


I reach out to help as many small business owners as possible with their  small business start-up needs. My coaching techniques reveal powerful information and can be applied and measured  right away by the small business owner in a daily operation.
With over 20 years’ experience as an Executive in sales, marketing, manufacturing and customer service fields, degree in Business and Administration, you receive proven techniques and hands on workable skills from my experienced background.
With the small budgets in mind, and limited access to assets, tools, research time or staff, I created an easy to follow step by step  “Coaching” sessions for the small business entrepreneur.


Are you ready?

  • ambitious: have a deep desire to achieve more.
  • committed: willing to take consistent action to achieve goals.
  • ready for change: open to taking “calculated risks” to move forward.
  • a dreamer: have ambitious goals and needs support getting there sooner.
  • driven: have the drive, desire and energy to make it happen.
  • disciplined: have the ability to implement quickly and remain consistent.
  • accountable: you follow up with your promise.




Thank you for visiting.

Please fill form below for more information on our services to see how you too can walk the path of success.

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