Xubuntu- my new OS

imagesI been trying to update my old laptop to the new Windows 10 OS that was free upgrade up to July 29th, 2016.
Unfortunately from WIN XP it was a little more tricky due to compatibility issues with direct upgrade from this version.
In order to do so, you had to upgrade WIN XP to WIN 7- this version was upgrade-able by the free WIN 10 offer.
Also this upgrade requires a complete backup of your files and then once the new WIN 10 is up, download files.
Note: most of the older programs are no longer compatible with the new Windows, also WIN 10 will download the new style programs that are close to the ones that once were installed under WIN XP OS.

For an upgrade from WIN XP you would have to purchase a WIN 7 upgrade, then, if you made the cut, free upgrade to the new WIN 10.
If you are reading this blog, and have not upgraded to WIN 10 during the free offer, you will have to purchase a new edition or an upgrade edition of the WIN 10 OS

Since all my laptops operating under WIN XP were also outdated on processing speed and hardware as well and none have a CD-R; the upgrade required more than just a purchase of system, also the purchase of a CD-R. This whole process would have costed at least $500.00. Almost decided to just go ahead an purchase new notebook or tablet instead, but then, what will happen to my already purchased equipment, and how much can I get for an outdated machine?

Long story short, went online and started looking for other operating systems that are easy to install, look and feel like Windows, but do not require a lot of expense attached to it.

For years now I am looking at Ubuntu by Linux which few years back was mostly a great product but the look and feel also the use of the system required some knowledge of coding. Even the newer versions require some, but not exclusive and there are work around this. To learn more about Ubuntu visit their site: http://www.ubuntu.com.

Ubuntu can be installed in Cloud; Desktop; Server, Phone, Tablet and available under Development set up.


And if you wonder why Xubuntu is my personal favorite (not just because is easy to use and familiar). Here is the logo:


images (1)

The nice feature of Ubuntu is that the program is FREE; the system gets free upgrades and already built with programs that you can use without purchase. 90% of programs for this OS are free. An open source community.

All these operating systems can be easily downloaded and either burn on a CD or a thumb drive, and can be run from the peripherals as portable OS without installing. Can be installed along another operating system or as OS for your machine.

Due to these options, I tried all “flavors” and played with all.

I liked WIN 7 as OS, so I decided that Xubuntu is the perfect feel and system for me.

This system is easily customize-able and can look close to a WIN system. Best part comes with OpenOffice which is close to the MS Office suite- and best part it is FREE.

Next blog I will concentrate on more details on the Xubuntu OS and will continue with update videos on how to customize and use the new system.

There are many “flavors” under the Ubuntu umbrella;

  • Edubuntu includes applications and games appropriate for children, and enables a teacher to setup a complete classroom quickly and easily.

  • Kubuntu offers the KDE Plasma Workspace experience, a good-looking system for home and office use.

  • Lubuntu is a fast, energy saving and lightweight variant of Ubuntu using LXDE. It is popular with PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.

  • Mythbuntu is a standalone MythTV based PVR system. It can be a standalone system or integrated with an existing MythTV network.

  • Ubuntu GNOME uses GNOME Shell along with a plethora of applications from the GNOME Desktop Environment.

  • The Ubuntu Kylin project is tuned to the needs of Chinese users, providing a thoughtful and elegant Chinese experience out-of-the-box.

  • Ubuntu MATE expresses the simplicity of a classic desktop environment. MATE is the continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop which was Ubuntu’s default desktop until October 2010.

  • Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia content creation flavor of Ubuntu, aimed at the audio, video and graphic enthusiast or professional.

  • Xubuntu is an elegant and easy to use operating system. Xubuntu comes with Xfce, which is a stable, light and configurable desktop environment.