Small Business start up     

  • Bookkeeping setup
  • CRM Lead generation
  • Market Positioning
  • Presentations and reporting
  • Procedures and Analysis
  • Program Automation
  • Software choices and set up


Available coaching/training sessions:

  • Internet Debut (how to create a web presence on a low budget)
  • YouTube channel (how to create account; channel; key-wording; additional tips)
  • Video editing and upload (how to create and what program to use; easy editing)
  • Social networking (how to create and link back to website)
  • Marketing your small business (niche; branding; online SEO; SES)
  • Conference calls; web meetings; webinars (where to find and how to use)
  • CRM (what it is; where to find programs that work how to set up and use)
  • Mail program (which to use, how to set up, rules, signatures files)


Web design packages:

Personal Page
Starter Site
Business Presence 

web pages

Start up                        On-Demand                     Solutions


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