Q & A Saturday Cafe – August 10th

This Saturday Cafe answered question regarding type of business and entity to start to match your structure.

Thank you for the great question.

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You can choose from the following types of entities when creating your structure. Note that the first 2 listed are personal liable for business and personal income and loss.

  • Sole proprietor
  • Small business D.B.A (doing business as)
  • LLC
  • S-Corporation
  • C-Corporation
  • And other types

“To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.”    – J. Paul Getty

In case of incorporated business there is no personal relationship to the income, loss or liabilities of the business.

All entities need to report and file taxes regardless of what type of business you will run.

Good luck and all the success in starting your small business.

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Q & A Saturdays August 2nd

Great Q&A you guys.  Enjoyed the communication today.
Hope the information was helpful.

Exit strategy is good to plan ahead. Do not take rush decisions when starting up a small business.
Plan, budget and make sure your are comfortable with the change before you leave your 9-5 job.

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“I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.”     -Henry Miller

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Q & A Saturdays July 20th

Another great Q & A session. Thank you.

If you have missed the live presentation, recording is below.

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We had a great question today:

“I work hard and many hours to keep up with demands and I am looking for a way to keep the energy, the passion and cope with the flow.
How can I create a more happy and fun environment for myself ?”

My answer:

You have to balance your personal and business life:

•Have a great Attitude about yourself
•Make sure you have the Experience needed (train and gather info)
•Mind set to do what you need (schedule and organize)
•Friendly Environment (at home and office)
•Share same interest with people you Network with

“Happiness is not something ready made.

It comes from your own actions.”

                                            ― Dalai Lama XIV

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